16.03.1934 — 20.09.1998

Marlies Martin was the name of my mother, a truly fascinating woman. She was elegant in everything she did and wear. Her outfits were well combined from shoe to hat. Never did she touched the steering weal of her car without wearing hand gloves. What I found most inspiring - she refused to drive backwards to park her Mercedes. Instead she got out of her car and asked a bypassing gentleman do do her that favour and they loved to.

Significant enough her father was a tailor in Germany and her parents had a huge fashion store in Soest. MARLIES GRACE is named by her and every single day she is an inspiration for us. Elegance and timelessness is the vibe of this brand. Welcome to the MARLIES GRACE family!

Kind Regards
Verena Martin
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Marlies Grace was founded by Verena Martin in 2022 with hope to bringing her mother Marlies vision to modern day wear. Our founder Verena brought on board Mariana Vergara vintage curator to bring in her expertise of vintage to the design andstory of the brand. Together they have created elevated ready to wear pieces for the modern day women who crave some nostalgia from past decades.