Marlies Grace stands for elegance & timeless grace. It’s an homage to my mother Marlies. We aspire to make elevated pieces recreating vintage archives. We want our clothes to represent women who appreciate antiques, vintage, art, nature and beauty.







Marlies Grace was founded by Verena Martin in 2022 with the intention to bring grace into this world. Her goal was to create elevated ready to wear pieces for the modern day women who crave some elegance from past decades. With a passion for timeless elegance, Verena & the team dedicate themselves to crafting designs that infuse grace and sophistication into the modern woman's wardrobe.

Their unwavering commitment to reimagining vintage aesthetics ensures that every piece embodies a sense of refined beauty, empowering women to exude confidence and style effortlessly. Each beautifully crafted piece brings a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair to the fashion world, leaving an indelible mark on those who embrace their creations.


Marlies Grace is label rooted in the world of vintage and visual references, proposing timeless pieces and ethereal silhouettes that promote heritage and generational style in the most uplifting intention. “Clothing with a soul” - designed to go beyond the realm of functionality and into a dreamy world of nostalgia and gratitude.


An ode to generational style

At Marlies Grace, we celebrate authentic and generational style, restoring the allure of the body with modest yet sensual designs that spark the imagination. We embrace the values of womanhood, heritage, and lineage, reflecting diverse generations in our designs and philosophy. We are a family of women—mothers, daughters, friends, and colleagues—uplifting each other for a greater cause.


At Marlies Grace, our team is a vibrant blend of talented individuals from around the world, enriching our collective creativity. We value diversity, embracing each unique story and working collaboratively to merge our cultural backgrounds into something magical. Our goal is to connect with women from all cultures, all ages, meeting them at their unique life stages, and supporting their journey through inclusivity.


At Marlies Grace, we stay mindful and aware of the social, economic, and environmental issues affecting our world. We offer tangible work opportunities globally, maintain accessible prices for high-quality products, manage our production efficiently, and support initiatives for environmental healing.


Marlies Grace intends to concretize the experience of its brand essence through a variety of possibilities in the near future, venturing into a realm of community building and allowing for physical spaces to merge in order to bring like-minded individuals together. Places to flourish, conceived with the same sensitivity to vintage allure and positive intentions for an immersive feel-good experience of the brand. From the clothing adorning your style, to the relationships that inspire you, to the places that you interact with, and so much more in between, Marlies Grace aspires to guide you on a journey of authenticity and create a sense of belonging among its community.